Food for Thoughts : Declutter

Declutter your mind and start with something fresh everyday to uplift the spirit. It isn’t just for our homes. Deep within needs to be organized as well.


There is always a good day to start every plans that we have in mind.

This day was mine. It was a good day to start. To start something fresh. To start something mild. To bring forth luck. And for our wisdom to strike.

We all knew that for quite some time, in our life, decluttering isn’t an easy task to look at. It is consuming us. It was like a job that we never wanted to take. Procrastination takes place just by merely thinking about the word declutter. If this never happens to you, decluttering is so easy then.

Although, in my entire life, I’ve never met nor encounter someone or anyone who have been so quick and so speed in picking up all the clutter that has been there for years. It was like a challenge that we need to take if we really want change to take place in our lives. We cannot fake it.

Pick up all the scattered pieces. Connect the shattered dreams. Focus on your plans.

Is that all we need?

The detail for sure is a long process. Picking up every single piece will remind you how it happen and why. It will ask you few questions like, “Do you really want to throw it away?” . “Do you still need ’em?”. It was like Google asking you,  “Do you really want to delete?”, when you try deleting your account. Facebook will also ask before you permanently delete your account, “Are you sure you want to do this?”. A thought-provoking question, right? You get one when you pick one.

And before you finally decide to just throw something away from your sight, you’ll get freeze for a moment. It will make you think not once…not even twice.  Some things need to be restored while other things  need to be given away. Other things will make you hesitant to decide. Reminiscence will follow. The process of decluttering your mind and spirit is not always easy.  Adrenaline will slow down. It was like a movie clip where you can see yourself taking a breath so slow and with a heavy sigh while doing it one by one.

Fill your thoughts with the visions of your dream. I dreamed of a happy  and sustainable life. It was all I ask for. Well who doesn’t, anyway!

For almost 2 decades, the thing that I have never dare sharing to anybody is my way of cooking. It’s not because I do not want to, but simply because I’m not really sure about it. I was a bit hesitant. But then, I’ve realized that aside from taking care of my family, cooking for them is what I almost did every single day. In fact, I finally realized that I stay in the kitchen more than staying in our bedroom. I may not be a certified chef by profession but I know a good food when I see one. Food sustains us. All of us. We get refreshed. We get energized. We feel stronger and better after eating and drinking the right one.

Most moms, but not all, shared their thoughts in their kitchens. If only our kitchen sinks can tell how much teardrop fell when we are in pain. If only our ladle and kitchen utensils can tell the intensity of the anxiety they have measured since day one. If kitchen walls can only tell how much happiness, or sadness we have while we are staring at them.The laughter, the giggle, the mood swings that our kitchen have witnessed. Worry not for we already found a perfect place for our thoughts to fill in.

Household chores are our never-ending stories to tell. And our kitchen space… it is where we always start.

Look back on history on how many recipes we have prepared and cooked in our own kitchen space. Those dishes that we had washed for decades. Those things that we’ve lost, broken, and found some replacements after another. Those are the stories that we  will never forget and in time will give us thoughts to ponder.

I may not have not finish decluttering, but I can sense that I started everything accordingly. Well it’s not bad to stop when things aren’t going right. But certainly, we have to go back to whatever things that we have left, and continue as we plan.



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